There are many benefits of buying new machines tools for manufacturers. The benefits far outweigh the small amount of money saved when buying pre-owned.

Here are 8 benefits of buying new machine tools

  1. You know what you’re getting

    There are no nasty surprises when you buy new, but used machines may have problems deep in gearboxes which can’t be found until after the machine has been purchased and run for a while. This can lead to used machines needing to be serviced sooner or replaced altogether.

    New machines are coming right from the factory in top condition, with no need to worry about pre-existing problems.

  2. Benefits of buying new machine toolsIt’s guaranteed

    New machine tools purchased from reputable suppliers come with a warranty which provides the peace of mind that buying used machines just can’t match.

  3. New technology

    As machine manufacturers grow and improve, they’re putting out safer, faster and more productive machines that are easier to use. This means a safer shop environment and improved efficiency. New machines also come with better software pre-installed.

  4. Better up-time

    Buying new means that machine up-time is better and your production is uninterrupted. Pre-owned machines do not come with that guaranteed reliability, and although buying used can mean a lower upfront investment, the risk of unscheduled machine failures and downtime can be a far higher price to pay in the long-run. This can even lead to unneeded complexity and confusion in scheduling due to production scheduling hiccups, because of unreliable machines.

  5. Service and support

    You want to be in business for many years, and if you run into any problems with a machine down the road, it’s best to have someone to call who can provide the kind of service and support needed to keep your machine running. Buying used from a dealer misses out on that relationship which may be needed in years to come.

  6. Availability of spare parts

    Machine tool suppliers selling new machines typically have spare parts available for all of their machines.

  7. Installation and training

    Some companies will handle installation of new machine tools and on-site training, so your team is equipped begin production right away.

  8. Product availability

    Buying a new machine saves time spent searching around for the right machine. Visiting old machines only to find that they aren’t suitable can cause a big delay for your next job, which can be avoided altogether when you get something new.

Not every manufacturer’s needs are the same, and sometimes buying used is the only affordable option on a tight budget. But if you want long-term reliability, top quality, efficiency, service and availability, you’re better off buying new machine tools. The downtime saved will be worth it in the long run.