Pop culture references manufacturing as the factories of the 1800’s or modern day overseas sweatshops — full of mind-numbing, remedial tasks in dark and dingy factories. Today, manufacturing’s evolving workforce environments tell a much different story: clean and safe environments with employees managing advanced machinery that drives innovation and productivity.

Manufacturing stereotypes create barriers to attracting new industry employees

Manufacturing’s Evolving Workforce

Manufacturing’s Evolving Workforce

As more companies demand efficiency and collaboration among their workforce, roles are evolving. Manufacturing is driving productivity growth in the United States economy — increasing at two and a half times the rate of the service sector (Manufacturing Institute, Facts About Manufacturing, 2012). As manufacturing drives productivity in our economy, manufacturers are also seeking productivity practices to streamline day-to-day tasks.

The evolving workforce

The United States continues to be the world’s largest manufacturing economy, employing nearly 17 million people — about 1 in 6 private sector jobs. However, the modern manufacturing evolving workforce industry is struggling to attract the highly skilled workers it needs for the tech-savvy, evolving role required in today’s manufacturing operations. To be more efficient and collaborative, employees must be connected to share ideas and insights.

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