Ford is doing big things in the world of manufacturing. Their new Freeform Fabrication Technology is bound to set new heights in the industry.

Here’s what we found about Ford’s exciting new innovation.

Ford is working on new manufacturing technology which may revolutionize low scale production. The goal for F3T is to accelerate the prototyping process, or create small volume pieces. Manufacturing as it exists today relies heavily on stamping with forming dies.

Ford Freeform Fabrication Technology, on the other hand, does not use die stamping. F3T uses two stylus tools on opposite ends of the sheet metal, turning the 2D piece into the desired 3D shape. Once developed, the entire process could be done in three business days. It is also considerably cheaper than the current process. The process is similar to 3D printing, another growing technology assisting in the advancement of manufacturing.

“The technology behind F3T is yet another example of Ford leading in the advanced manufacturing space,” said John Fleming, executive vice president, global manufacturing and labor affairs. “As we forge ahead with cutting-edge technologies in manufacturing like flexible body shops, robotics, 3D printing, virtual reality and others, we want to push the envelope with new innovations like F3T to make ourselves more efficient and build even better products.”

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