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¿Qué es un rollo de placa? Un rollo placa gira chapa en forma de cilindro o parte redondeada. Las máquinas se utilizan comúnmente para rodar grandes cantidades de cilindros en el mismo día. También pueden ser utilizados para rodar formas coninical por la inclinación de los rodillos o el uso de rodillos en forma de.. Leer más →

El Programa de Premios Ardmore ha otorgado KAAST Machine Tools su mejor de 2015 Premio Ardmore en la categoría de Maquinaria Industrial Manufacturing. Leer más →

Automatic band saws are accurate and efficient Automatic band saws are best for manufacturing companies who do high-volume cutting on a regular basis. Everything is automated from preset cut settings to chip removal and material feed. Leer más →

16 Jul 2015
July 16, 2015

Band saw coolant explained

How do I know what kind of band saw coolant to use? I just bought a new band saw, or I’m thinking about buying a band saw, but I want to maintain it properly, and I’m not sure what I need. Leer más →

14 Jul 2015
July 14, 2015

Do I need a plate roll or press brake?

Roll forming sheet metal can be accomplished using both plate rolls and press brakes. There are pros and cons to each machine type, and neither one is necessarily better for the job—it really depends on the application. Leer más →

Press brakes are fabrication machines used for bending sheet metal. The material is placed over a V-shaped die and pressed into from above by a punch. Leer más →

In September, an Amsterdam 3D printing company called MX-3D will use a set of robotic 3D printers to print a gravity-defying steel bridge over water. Leer más →

When you’re bending large sheet metal, the right setup and tools used can have a large impact on whether your bend has stacked errors or comes out smooth. Leer más →

09 Mar 2015
March 9, 2015

What kind of band saw should I buy?

A band saw is an essential tool for any manufacturer Band saw basics: Contents: Band saw basics Vertical & horizontal band saws Semi-automatic band saws Fully-automatic band saws Which band saw should I buy? Get some help This machine’s blade is made up of a continuous band of metal with sharp teeth along one edge, and it.. Leer más →

At the end of last month, the US Department of Labor included manufacturing in a list of “10 good jobs that don’t need a degree.” They said that industrial machinery mechanics, maintenance workers and millwright positions are expected to increase by 17% in the next 7 years, and applicants who are qualified should have very good job prospects when applying… Leer más →