In September, an Amsterdam 3D printing company called MX-3D will use a set of robotic 3D printers to print a gravity-defying steel bridge over water. Leer más →

A figurine is constructed in a Makerbot 3D Printer at the company's new factory in the Brooklyn, New York.

We found an interesting article that explores how the innovation of 3D printing will soon have manufacturing resemble the music industry. Ask a large manufacturer about 3D manufacturing, and it’€™ll say the technique is sure to be a big thing, but for now it’s sticking with what made it large in the first place: standardization,.. Leer más →

Ford is doing big things in the world of manufacturing. Their new Freeform Fabrication Technology is bound to set new heights in the industry. Here’s what we found about Ford’s exciting new innovation. Ford is working on new manufacturing technology which may revolutionize low scale production. The goal for F3T is to accelerate the prototyping process,.. Leer más →