Chicago School helps U.S. jobs Austin Polytechnical Academy was a Chicago school founded as a partnership between labor and business to train students for high-end manufacturing jobs that often remain unfilled for lack of trained talent. See more in this video about how this school helps to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. Austin Polytechnical.. Leer más →

OREO has teamed up with a physicist named David Neevel to create a new machine known as The Hatchet, which is capable of separating an OREO into two. Leer más →

In this episode of’™s Manufacturing Newswire, a lab to train the next generation of manufacturing engineers and designers, the answer to those flickering florescent tube lights, and delayed food safety reforms. We’€™ll also look at a brief look at the future of localized manufacturing, the latest manufacturing numbers, Microsoft’€™s plans for the future of.. Leer más →

01 Jul 2013
July 1, 2013

FABTECH 2013 Cool New Promo Video

FABTECH 2013 is fast approaching, and that means our new show video is out.   In the video, you’ll see snippets of last year’s show and hear from  exhibitors and attendees talk about why they attend FABTECH, the “one stop shop” for manufacturing. via KAAST Machine Tools will be exhibiting again this year. Don’t.. Leer más →